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River de Dommel, connecting element between Belgium and the Netherlands

2013 September 22 in Boxtel, Netherlands

De river De Dommel is important to the region Het Groene Woud. Its origin is in Belgium. The waterboard in the Netherlands exists since 150 years. So this is a good reason to connect partners with land art and with the transnational importance of De Dommel by an art work in Belgium, and an art work near the office of the Waterschap De Dommel at Boxtel.

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Soundscape Festival (HR)

Conference and Land-Art-Week 2013 August 22 - 26   Island Cres, Croatia

Southern part of the island of Cres, Croatia, the area stretching from Osor to Punta Kri┼ża, has been settled since prehistory. A mild Mediterranean climate which on the island of Cres slightly changes into continental, a rich vegetation of evergreen-oak and pasture lands abundant with aromatic and scented plants, have attracted numerous civilizations. One can sense a powerful energy of this area.

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EatLandManArt (NL) - First Impressions

Conference and Landart Summer School,  2013 June 16 - 23, in Head Groene Woud, Boxtel, The Netherlands

Between 16 and 23 of June 2013 students and young professionals were invited to work in Het Groene Woud (near Eindhoven) with art and their reflections of the today questions of the new rural values.

ENALA LandartStudentweek NL2013 grieselveld2 HesterPilz NL2008EUROLANDART (NL)

Landart Summer School
2013 June 16 - 23
in Head Groene Woud, The Netherlands

Between 16 AND 23 JUNE 2013 students and young professionals are invited to work in HET GROENE WOUD (near Eindhoven) with ART and their REFLECTION of the today questions of the NEW RURAL VALUES. The student week is part of the concept of the 'GARAGE RURAL.E' of EURO LAND ART.


ENALA Conf2 EatLandManArt Boxtel NL2013 HesterPilzFR2005

EatLandManArt (NL)

Conference 2013 June 21 and 22, visits June 20 and 23 in Boxtel, The Nederlands

Call for Papers, Presentations and Posters! The conference wants to exchange and to question the use of land art in land use management (including water management and food), rural community building and bounding city and land (well being, tourism, welfare).


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