titelLiving Formations
19th and 20th of October 2013 in western Hungary

Reuse of agricultural and garden side products







2013-10-19 16.22In A small town named Keszthely and the neighbour village Vallus, Europa Nova and the ArsTopia Foundation realized a project to reuse agricultural and garden side products into applied landart design.

The organizations were invited to present their Project in the context of an exhibition of      Re-Use- Design in front of 80 spectators in the local Balaton Museum. http://www.balatonimuzeum.hu/en/archive/item/709-redesign-award-2013-c-kiallitas-megnyitoja (Internet address of the event)

The next day, families with small children were invited to plant collected seeds and protect them with fallen leaves and grass for the winter.

Prof. Illyes explained and demonstrated how to work together with the local ecosystem and how to use existing materials to design living formations.

Everybody is invited to revisit the site next spring or autumn to tend the new plants.



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