Oergrund Landart BelgiumNetherland_HesterPilz_2013River de Dommel, connecting element between Belgium and the Netherlands

The river De Dommel is important to the region Het Groene Woud. Its origin is in Belgium. The Waterschap/management in NL exists 150 year. So this is a good reason to connect partners with land art and with the transnational importance of De Dommel by an art work in Belgium, and an art work near the office of the Waterschap De Dommel at Boxtel. Hester Pilz has made a concept for (Land)Art, bringing people and places along the river in connection with the source of the river.




Pilz Hester public art Dommel2013The title: "Oergrond" (in German Urgrund) is a pun in Dutch, referring both to the orange-colored iron in the water, and the ground and origin of everything. So far, in the project, two artworks and a "performance" have been realized. The concept gives the possibility for the realization of more LandArt work, by different artists in the next years.

The works in 2013:
In July, Hester Pilz took employees of the Dutch Waterschap and their Belgian sister organization on a journey to the source of the river Dommel. Here, ceremonially, sand was dug up from the river. This sand, and sand from different places along the river, in different colors, has been used by the artist in the following artworks:

In a cooperational effort, sculptors Marten Groen and Hester Pilz realized a Corten-Steel sculpture with the title: "Alles heeft een oorsprong". (Alles hat ein Ursprung). The sculpture has been placed in a natural pond, fed by the waters of the river Dommel in Boxtel. The sculpture was inaugurated at the Day of the Waterschap, September 22nd.

Also, Hester Pilz designed a series of strong, double glass tiles, filled with sand from the river. Three tiles have been handed over to the mayors of 's Hertogenbosch, Boxtel and Neerpelt. The tiles will be placed near the source of the river Dommel, the Dutch-Belgian border and the "end" of the river where it flows into the river Maas.










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