Summary and Impressions

From March 13. until 15. März 2014 the final event in the frame of ENALA „Ein-Weites-Feld-Forum" took place in the Havelregion.

Going for a walk together with residents, listening to them and asking them questions about their place - these activities opens up the natural features of a landscape, a place and the special stories. In this way it is possible to understand a place and to react on it. That is the beginning of site specific contributions, like landart and that is the way how the forum started.

It was an offer to all participants slowing down in the beautiful rural 'Havelregion' at the guest villages Garz, Großderschau and Nennhausen and using it as a platform to discover, to get in contact and to share ideas, working principles and unusual interventions in rural regions which contribute to their preservation and development.

13 - 14 March 2014 / / "Heim(at)Vorteil" - March walks and dialogues in places around the Havel region - Garz, Großderschau and Nennhausen

There were three groups of partcipants, each staying at another guest location during the forum. The three guest location welcomed all participants very nice on Wednesday evening and started their individual program on Thursday morning. In walks and other site-specific activities with active local inhabitants they explored the places.

Creating artworks in such a short time was not an realistic goal for the event, but nevertheless the idea was - to see how each individual person is perceiving the place. What is the person discovering? What can the person tell the location? The feedback of the groups to their guest location were presented on Saturday in Premnitz. The feedback differed from description of the location as an outside point of view up to very concrete ideas.


15 March 2014 / / "A wide-field-market in Premnitz

On this market of opportunities we offer insights into other projects in rural areas of Europe. There were short presentations from initiators and a small exhibition of submitted competition entries about unusual interventions in rural areas. In addition, all three places met on this day including their visitors to exchange the experiences from the workshop days "Heim(at)Vorteil".

The final forum was a successful event to show and share the very different ways of working and acting in rural regions under the topic of applied landart. On the market day the audience saw a very different range of project visions and running activities presented from artists, scientists and students from Croatia, the Netherlands, Poland and Germany. Beside the short presentation the audience could visit the poster exhibition as a result of the Call for Contributions which was an open competition for unusual interventions in rural areas and cultural landscapes for their preservation and development.

Welcoming and Impressions from the landart weeks of ENALA 2012 and 2013: Nancy Jahns and Sven Großkreutz, artists and curators, Susanne Raabe, scientists and organization of ENALA (Germany)

Garden Art Festival in Bolestraszyce: locality, cooperation and mediation in the space between art and garden. Krzysztof Herman, PhD, Department of Landscape Art Warsaw University of Life Sciences (SGGW) (Poland)

Center for Creative Solution Lika: Maja Kohek BA in social anthropology and cultural studies and Kruno Jošt MFA in New Media Arts, (Croatia)

Sitting on Hope: Hester Pilz, visual artist (Netherlands)

The bright field: Ank van Engelen, visual artist (Netherlands)

Havel-ARCHIPEL – Eintauchen in eine versunkene Wasserlandschaft: Christof Reinecke, BA (Hons), Privatdozent, Landschaftsarchitekt, Märkisch Luch (Germany)

Swimming Building and Land Mark Vineta: A Scenic Total Work of Art: Dr. Matthias Richter, scientist from Leipzig, (Germany)

Landmarks im Havelland, Bachelor Thesis: Viola Paulokat, student in architecture, Anhalt University of Applied Sciences (Germany)

Herzregion: Sebastian David, Dipl.Designer/Künstler, Atelier für Form und Ton Art, Wiesenburg/Mark (Germany)

Kunst in der Landschaftskommunikation: Lars Fischer, Büro für Landschaftskommunikation, Bad Freienwalde (Germany)


Wir möchten uns an dieser Stelle nochmals bei allen bedanken, die das Forum maßgeblich mitgetragen haben!

Vielen Dank für die Unterstützung von von Herrn Schröder und Herrn Hebenstreit sowie dem BUGA - Zweckverband für die Möglichkeit der Raumnutzung in Premnitz!

Vielen Dank an unsere drei Gastdörfer und alle aktiven Bewohner aus Garz (Havel), Großderschau und Nennhausen und Ihrer herzlichen Beherbung, Offenheit und Betreuung der Teilnehmer des Forum!

Vielen Dank an alle Teilnehmer, die den Aufrufen zur Einreichung von Beiträgen für das Forum gefolgt sind und insbesondere Dank an alle Referenten!


Einladung und Programm des Forum finden Sie hier >>Programm<<

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