B Landart HesterPilz

River de Dommel, connecting element between Belgium and the Netherlands

2013 September 22 in Boxtel, Netherlands

De river De Dommel is important to the region Het Groene Woud. Its origin is in Belgium. The waterboard in the Netherlands exists since 150 years. So this is a good reason to connect partners with land art and with the transnational importance of De Dommel by an art work in Belgium, and an art work near the office of the Waterschap De Dommel at Boxtel.

In Belgium we have contact with the organization of water management, with farmers in this area and also with Musica at Neerpelt that has a so called sound wood (art) alongside De Dommel. The artist Hester Pilz has made a connecting concept that is referring to the iron in the water. This oxidized iron in water and soil shows an orange color and in Dutch the word of this iron is 'oer': this word is also meaning the origin of everything, the basic principle. This linkage is materialized in two art works.

Beside this artwork  you are welcome to join and see the floating parade on the river de Dommel on Sunday the 22 nd of September. The first boat crosses from shore at 3 p.m. at the bridge of Stacking. Slowly then choose the other vessels the offing. The end point is at the bridge in the Mgr. Wilmer Street. The public can follow the spectacle along the route of the Dommel.

A dutch programme of the day you can find >> here


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