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EatLandManArt (NL) - First Impressions

Conference and Landart Summer School,  2013 June 16 - 23, in Head Groene Woud, Boxtel, The Netherlands

Between 16 and 23 of June 2013 students and young professionals were invited to work in Het Groene Woud (near Eindhoven) with art and their reflections of the today questions of the new rural values.

The student week is part of the concept of the 'GARAGE RURAL.E' of Euro Land Art. For the landart week, two locations were choosen, where the interdisciplinary student groups could work on. One place is located in the north of Boxtel, the organic pig farm De Jofrahoeve in Esch. The other location is located in the south of Boxtel, Landgoed Velder a real estate with forestry and agricultural events and festivals. The students of fine arts and landscape architecture analyzed the places together, interviewd the ownes, developed concepts and created site specific works out of theire interdisciplinary reflections.


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