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Landart Summer School
2013 June 16 - 23
in Head Groene Woud, The Netherlands

Between 16 AND 23 JUNE 2013 students and young professionals are invited to work in HET GROENE WOUD (near Eindhoven) with ART and their REFLECTION of the today questions of the NEW RURAL VALUES. The student week is part of the concept of the 'GARAGE RURAL.E' of EURO LAND ART.


>> The region Het Groene Woud * is situated between Eindhoven-Tilburg-'s-Hertogenbosch (also written as Den Bosch). In this region there live many people. The big question is: what is the future of this rural area with farmers, nature, houses, roads and water. And how is this future linked with the city. We see Land art as a way to show these questions, and to experience new views or opinions.

The Week
>> In this Land Art Week we ask students to design and to make a land art work. This is a big question to do in one week. So we have to focus. We choose one or two specific sites: a farm or small village. And maybe we choose the theme of water. Also we will visit some areas and do some workshops.

* Het Groene Woud
>> Het Groene Woud means The Green Forest: there are areas with trees but in the European context there is no forest. It is a dream to keep the area between the cities as a rural area with nature, food production, heritage, water and recreation. The aim is to connect the areas with nature and forest as one area: may a real green forest.


Poster >> here


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