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>> A Wide Field << Call For Contributions

Open competition for unusual interventions in rural areas and cultural landscapes for their preservation and development

Extended Deadline! Registration with a short summary until February 6, 2014 via Mail to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Final Submission of Contributions: March 6, 2014

Use your Chance for presentation and publication of your projects and ideas!

Heimatvorteil Aufruf GastDorf 10022014

Heim(at)Vorteil - Märzspaziergänge und Dialoge in Orten der Havelregion

Bewerben Sie sich jetzt als Gast-Dorf der Havelregion für den 12. – 16. März 2014

Bewerbungsschluss >> verlängert bis 10.02.2014

02 ENALA Landartweek1 2012 EinWeitesFeld Documentation

Ein Weites Feld - Impressions and Documentation

International Landart Week with artists and students 2012 August 10 - 19 in Lindstedt (D)

ENALA Landartweek 1-Lindstedt_Germany_Documentation

titelLiving Formations
19th and 20th of October 2013 in western Hungary

Reuse of agricultural and garden side products







02 ENALA Landartweek1 2012 EinWeitesFeld DE LindstedtEin Weites Feld

International Landart Week with artists and students
2012 August 10 - 19


visit Festival August 18 and 19, Lindstedt, Germany

Oergrund Landart BelgiumNetherland_HesterPilz_2013River de Dommel, connecting element between Belgium and the Netherlands

The river De Dommel is important to the region Het Groene Woud. Its origin is in Belgium. The Waterschap/management in NL exists 150 year. So this is a good reason to connect partners with land art and with the transnational importance of De Dommel by an art work in Belgium, and an art work near the office of the Waterschap De Dommel at Boxtel. Hester Pilz has made a concept for (Land)Art, bringing people and places along the river in connection with the source of the river.




FlowerCarpetContest 2012 AnhaltUniversity LT AnyksciaiInternational contest of floristic carpets

Landart Work by students of the Anhalt University of Applied Sciences
2012 July 20 – 21
in Anykščiai, Lithuania


Summary and Impressions

From March 13. until 15. März 2014 the final event in the frame of ENALA „Ein-Weites-Feld-Forum" took place in the Havelregion.

01 ENALA Conf1 2012 DE Zichtau1 st ENALA CONFERENCE


2012 June 7-  9
at Gut Zichtau, Germany


For the starting conference of ENALA we used the opportunity to share our existing experiences and opinions about land art in rural regions and in a second part to discuss possible future forms of land art with invited professionals of regional planning, landscape architecture and art.


HR Soundscape FirstImpresions

Soundscape Festival (HR) - First Impressions

The Soundscape Festival was under the motto of the Psalm 148. During the week developed lots of very different artistic contributions which are bringing the visitor in very different ways to the specials sounds of the landscape of the island Cres. Beside the installation there were every evening concert's under the sky on the Stanzia Castellani farm itself or in the church of Veli Losinj, which had thematic links to 'sounds of nature'.


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