The overall aim of all activities in the project is to realize a European Network for initiatives and actors in the field of applied landart in rural areas and cultural landscapes.




Find and Link existing Initiatives of Applied Landart Activities




Exchange knowledge on artistic, scientific and personal level of Applied Landart Processes




Transfer Methods to further European countries




Transdisciplinary transnational and trans-sectorial working

The intercultural dialogue will be encouraged by the participation of interdisciplinary delegations and cultural workers from the partner regions and from many further European countries at the conferences, working weeks and the events. These activities offer many possibilities for an exchange on an artistic, scientific and particularly on a personal level. One of the most important aspects concerning the intercultural dialogue and exchange will be the joint work on Landart works in working weeks. The project is trans-sectorial and will get input from different art and culture domains and their combination.


Landart for Communication

The implemented art and culture in the project will viewed as meta level to communicate the cultural heritage rural and cultural landscapes. These Landart for communications can be realized in different forms and/or their combination. In this sense artistic and cultural works (landscape architecture, visual or performing arts, literature etc.) will apply for the communication of a cultural heritage. Applied Landart is the integrated design and the realization of cultural and/or artistic works for communication which use and combines elements of many art and culture forms.


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